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The world's only Lip Pigmentation kit is finally here

Easy to apply at home

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.................... Step 1 - LipX Scrub ...................

(3 nights / week) – Gently removes dead, impenetrable keratinocytes (skin cells) for better absorption of active ingredients.


.................... Step 2 - LipX Mask ....................

(3 nights / week for 30 mins) – 35% active ingredients to slow down the rate of melanin production. 

Ingredients List

.................... Step 3 - LipX Balm ....................

(Every Night) – 25% active ingredients in a soothing balm to continue to reduce melanocyte hyperactivity all night.

Results & Side Effects

I’m really privileged to try the new LipX. Dr V is one of the only people worldwide that focuses on Skin of Colour - how to treat it properly and safely.

Dr Anjana Bhana

LipX is phenomenal. I’m so happy with the way you combined these amazing tyrosine’s and inhibitors. Wow Dr V, I give it to you... 

Dr Necca

I’m so excited! I just read all of the ingredients on LipX and I’m just wow, it contains everything you need.

Dr Alexis Stephens

You are the beacon of hope for darker skin colour here in Jordan and the Middle East, you’ve provided a safe alternative for people who suffer with hyperpigmentation.

Dr Suzan Bakhit

LipX is a very beautiful product. My clients have responded so well to the LipX home kit and they love the ease of the application.

Dr Sumit

I am so grateful to try out the LipX home kit. I absolutely recommend anyone with melanin rich skin to check out Dr Vanita Rattan, she knows everything about hyperpigmentation.

Lakisha Adams

Dr V is a mine of information, she is the worlds only cosmetic formulator for Skin of Colour has now pioneered LipX

Shalini Sharma

If you’re suffering with lip pigmentation go and purchase your very own LipX kit, this is a really good investment - It works!


LipX is a masterpiece and I absolutely love it. Dr V gives amazing advice for Skin of Colour, you will be mind blown.

Sakshi Sahwal