Rosacea & Acne

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Below is a suggested product routine if you have Rosacea & Acne-prone skin (normal, not oily skin).

Please note, the TRIO Blemish Exfoliator must be targeted on the acne spots (cotton bud can be used) to ensure there is minimal contact with the rosacea area, which we do not want to exfoliate.

AM - 1. Micellar Gel Wash, 2. Cera Pep Moisturiser, 3. Inzincable SPF50

PM - 1. Micellar Gel Wash, 2. TB Exfoliator (on acne only), 3. Cera Pep Moisturiser.

Note: Collagen Boost can be taken AM or PM, and it is not recommended to wash the face or exfoliate more than once a day (due to the redness). AM & PM routine can be vice versa also.

4 products
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"Hi Dr. V! I use your Daily Range and TRIO Blemish Range. My acne-prone skin has gotten better over time. I tend to have combination skin during the summer but more dry skin during fall/winter. Thanks for all the knowledge you share with us! ❤️" - Ashley R