Combination Skin & Acne prone

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Here is Dr. V's suggested skincare routine if your skin is NORMAL on the cheeks and OILY on the T-zone, but acne prone on the cheeks also.

ALSO GOOD FOR: dark spots, dull skin, anti-aging, acne, pores/blackheads.

AM Routine
PM Routine
1. Mic. Gel Wash  1. Mic. Gel Wash 
2. Cera Pep  2. TB Exfoliator 
3. Antiox. Serum
4. Cera Pep

Please read the full guidelines for each product. When starting a new routine, patch test in a discreet area and build up usage gradually over 2-3 weeks, adding a new product every 2-3 days so the skin adjusts.
4 products
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"Hi Dr. V! I use your Daily Range and TRIO Blemish Range. My acne-prone skin has gotten better over time. I tend to have combination skin during the summer but more dry skin during fall/winter. Thanks for all the knowledge you share with us! ❤️" - Ashley R