Super Hydrating Toner 150ml

Super Hydrating Toner 150ml
Super Hydrating Toner 150ml
Super Hydrating Toner 150ml
Super Hydrating Toner 150ml
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Super Hydrating Toner 150ml

A hydrating, non-drying alcohol, non-glycolic acid, non-fragranced toner, packed with anti-oxidants and anti-pigmentation ingredients. 150ml volume in bottle.
  • Optimal active ingredients for Skin of Colour
  • NO fragrance, essential oils or drying alcohols
  • For most skin types (normal/dry/combination)
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Dr Vanita Rattan Super Hydrating Toner (150ml) is a hydrating, non-drying alcohol, non-glycolic acid, non-fragranced toner, packed with anti-oxidants and anti-pigmentation ingredients. STEP 3 of 6 (PM Routine). 

Warning: In general, only apply the products in this range on normal, clean skin, not if cracked or very dry/sensitive. In the rare event of skin irritation or an allergic reaction, please discontinue use and contact your doctor if required.

Creates a hydrating base for the Dr V Exfoliator or Dr V Anti-oxidant Serum to lock in skincare actives more effectively.

Other toners contain, drying alcohols, which are more likely to dry/irritate skin of colour. Dr V Super Hydrating Toner contains, non-drying alcohol, so is hydrating rather than dehydrating.

Contains DermStim anti aging, anti pigmentation complex for skin of colour

It is 'NAFE SAFE' to minimise chances of irritation i.e. No Denatured Alcohol, No Fragrance and No Essential Oils. 

Irritation can be more problematic for darker skin tones, and therefore it should be avoided where possible.

For most skin types (normal/dry/combination) & persons over 16 years and over.

Not for persons with a history of reactions to skincare products or overly sensitive or damaged skin.

> Key Ingredients: 

Niacinamide 3%, (minimises pores, fine lines and pigmentation)

Glycerin 6% (humectant-water magnet to plump and smooth skin)

Urea 2%, (humectant-water magnet to plump and smooth skin)

Panthenol 2%, (anti inflammatory)

Centella Asiatica Extract solution (anti oxidant, anti- inflammatory)

Allantoin (anti inflammatory)


Buddleja Davidii Leaf Cell Culture Extract (anti pigmentation)

> Full Ingredients: 

Aqua, Glycerin, Niacinamide, Urea, Panthenol , Buddleja Davidii Leaf Cell Culture Extract, Allantoin, Centella Asiatica Extract, Pantolactone, Lactic Acid, Xanthan Gum, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate.



STEP 3 of 6 (Dr. V - PM Routine).

After your evening double cleanse, press the toner into the skin using your fingers.

Then apply your Dr V Exfoliate to Glow once a week or your Dr V Power Anti Oxidant serum every night.

Warning: In general, only apply the products in this range on normal, clean skin, not if cracked or very dry/sensitive. In the rare event of skin irritation or an allergic skin reaction, please discontinue use and contact your doctor if required. 

1. How long would Daily Range products last for?

This will vary for each product and person, however, if usage guidelines are followed, the average duration may be 4-6 weeks approx.

2. Is the Daily Range suitable for pregnancy & breastfeeding?

The range is suitable for pregnancy with the exception of the 'Antioxidant Serum'. If unsure or your circumstances vary, please check with your doctor.

3. Is the Daily Range suitable for all skin types?

Yes it is suitable for all skin types, however persons with very sensitive skin / rosacea / active skin conditions etc. should AVOID the 'Exfoliate to Glow' chemical exfoliator.

4. Can you use the Daily Range with Dr. V Hyperpigmentation kits / other professional treatments?

The cleansers, moisturiser and toner can be used, but NOT the 'Exfoliate to Glow' or 'Antioxidant Serum' please. In general, exfoliating washes/scrubs should not be used with anti-pigmentation treatments.

5. Should I still use Niacinamide, Ceramides, Retinol, Vitamin A/C/E serums from other skincare lines in conjunction with the Dr V Daily Range?

You don't need to use any of the active ingredients above from other products as they are already well represented in the Daily Range. Doing so would be a waste of money and could lead to skin reactions.

However, you can add an extra Retinol product into your skincare routine if you wish to (but not essential).

6. Do I still need to use Dr V YouTube Channel recommended products such as Garnier Micellar Water, Simple Moisturising Face Wash, DHC Cleansing Oil?

No, these products have effective counterparts in the Dr V Daily Range. For instance the Dr V Micellar Gel Wash effectively replaces both Micellar Water and a normal Face Wash.

7. Can I still use Tretinoin with the Dr V Antioxidant Power Serum?

It is acceptable to use Tretinoin with the Antioxidant Serum, but not with the Dr V Exfoliate to Glow, nor with our Facial Pigmentation Kit. 

However, it is not permissable to use Isotretinoin/Roaccutane with the Serum

8. I have never used Vitamin A before, do I need to do anything special to start off with?

The Antioxidant Power Serum contains the least irritating form of Vitamin A and at a low %, hence it can be used as normal per the application guidelines.

However, as with all treatment products, we advise patch testing first, to ensure there are no skin reactions before proceeding with application to the more prominent areas.

9. Why is there Citric acid in the Power Serum, I thought Dr V does not like it ?

Citric acid is used in low % as pH buffer, not at high % as an exfoliator (not recommended).

10. Can these products be used after microneedling procedures?

Yes, after any soreness from the microneedling has subsided, all Daily Range products can be used except for the 'Exfoliate to Glow' product.

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" The aim with your toner is to strengthen the skin barrier, reduce inflammation and hydrate the skin after washing the face. The best way to do this is in a light mist format with key actives of niacinamide, glycerin, urea and anti-inflammatories. This is also protects the skin before applying exfoliators and allows better penetration of active serums. Ensure you avoid denatured alcohol at this point, a classic mistake in toners that can lead to premature ageing.
--- Love, Dr. V "

Customer Reviews

Based on 105 reviews
Cristina Rivera (Seattle, US)
Super Hydration System

I really love this toner. Once applied I felt already hydrated feeling no need of a moisturizer. It feels very good, and my daily regimen will not be complete without it. My face is addicted with this toner.

Rajeeka Arichandrarasa (Watford, GB)
Love it

I absolutely love this toner and would definitely recommend to others

valerie montero (Sunrise, US)
Can’t live without it

I won’t ever buy another. It’s a game changer. If you don’t buy anything from here at least buy the toner. Trust and believe you won’t find anything like it.

N.M. (Kajang, MY)
hydrating toner

best no alcohol hydrating toner out in the market, thank you Dr V

Anonymous (London, GB)
For the smoothest skin

This product is amazing! I have only been using it for a week, but I have gotten amazing results. My skin feels so much smoother and it’s amazing.

At first, the spray was a bit faulty, but after a few uses the spray functions normally (in case you encounter this problem). Thanks Dr V for all of this stunning skincare! 🥰🥰

Patience (Hayes, GB)
Verified BB🇬🇧 one week ago

It’s very long time, I’m looking for toner suitable for my skin finally, I found one from Dr V the toner work good I love it

Antoinette tucker (Ruston, US)

Toner works well, feels well on the skin. Awaiting on results

Porawan P. (Samut Sakhon, TH)
Game Changer for my skin

Using toner regularly, I am not sure to what extent it helps improving my skin. When I first used Dr.V's toner, my skin literally drank up with the moisture. Combined with Cera Prep Moisturiser, my skin is significantly less dry, healthier and brighter. This is a game changer for my skin and the most wonderful product that I have ever tried from Dr.V's daily range. Again, the price is quite good, given the goodness that Dr.V has put into her products.

Seema (Easton, US)
Love this

Easy to use, love the spray format. Feels great on skin. Just love the whole system!

Amina Khatun-Ahmed (Oldham, GB)
Hydrating toner

I love this toner, I use it straight after washing my face, and it leaves the skin feeling hydrated. This is my second bottle, it also lasts a long time which is a bonus 😊

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