Normal Skin & Hormonal acne

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The following product routine can be used if you have normal skin (not oily) and only periodic acne i.e. once a month prior to menstruation:

STEP 1: Use the Complete Daily Range most of the time.

STEP 2: A few days before menstruation switch to Trio Blemish Exfoliator (instead of Exfoliate to Glow) on the areas you tend to get acne each month. You don’t need to use the Toner on the acne area.

CAUTION: Please read the full guidelines for each product. When starting a new routine, patch test in a discreet area and build up usage gradually over 2-3 weeks, adding a new product every 2-3 days so the skin adjusts and problems can be isolated (if any).

2 products
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"Hi Dr. V! I use your Daily Range and TRIO Blemish Range. My acne-prone skin has gotten better over time. I tend to have combination skin during the summer but more dry skin during fall/winter. Thanks for all the knowledge you share with us! ❤️" - Ashley R