Ingrown facial hair

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A clinically proven daily routine for ingrown facial hair (razor bumps), which is particularly common among men of colour who shave regularly. 

AM Routine: 1. Micellar Gel Wash on whole face. 2. Cera Pep Moisturiser on non-beard areas (or use on beard areas if clean shaven).

PM Routine: 1. Micellar Gel Wash on whole face or just beard area 2. Body Exfoliator cream on beard area on face and neck (leave on) 3. Cera Pep Moisturiser on rest of the face.

5 products
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"Hi Dr. V! I use your Daily Range and TRIO Blemish Range. My acne-prone skin has gotten better over time. I tend to have combination skin during the summer but more dry skin during fall/winter. Thanks for all the knowledge you share with us! ❤️" - Ashley R