About Dr Vanita Rattan

Dr Vanita Rattan

Doctor Vanita Rattan, is a Doctor (MBBS Medicine) and Cosmetic Formulator for Skin of Colour is launching kits specifically targeting skin of colour issues that have not been addressed before.  

The Lip-X pigmentation kit and the Dark Circles pigmentation kit is world's first and both launched 2020. The world's first Bikini pigmentation kit launches in January 2021 with a whole host of kits to come next year.  

Dr Vanita Rattan’s YouTube channel is dedicated to Skin of Colour and has rapidly grown to 233K followers within 6 months.  

If you want any information for your own skincare for Skin of Colour, please subscribe and we will be more than happy to help.  


INSTAGRAM: @TheHyperpigmentationClinic 

YOUTUBE: @DrVanitaRattan

TIKTOK: @DrVanitaRattan

Official Dr V Blog: https://drvanitarattan.com/blog/

Her skincare brands include The Hyperpigmentation Clinic, Dark Circles Clinic, DrVSunglasses and Skincare by Dr V.