About Dr Vanita Rattan

Dr Vanita Rattan

Doctor Vanita Rattan, the world’s only doctor and cosmetic formulator for Skin of Colour is launching kits specifically targeting skin of colour issues that have not been addressed before.  

The Lip-X pigmentation kit and the Dark Circles pigmentation kit is world's first and both launched 2020. The world's first Bikini pigmentation kit launches in January 2021 with a whole host of kits to come next year.  

Dr Vanita Rattan’s YouTube channel is dedicated to Skin of Colour and has rapidly grown to 233K followers within 6 months.  

If you want any information for your own skincare for Skin of Colour, please subscribe and we will be more than happy to help.  


INSTAGRAM: @TheHyperpigmentationClinic 

YOUTUBE: @DrVanitaRattan

TIKTOK: @DrVanitaRattan

Official Dr V Blog: https://drvanitarattan.com/blog/

Her skincare brands include The Hyperpigmentation Clinic, Dark Circles Clinic, DrVSunglasses and Skincare by Dr V.