Rosacea/Redness or Dry/Sensitive

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Please consider the suggested product routine below if you have any of the below:

- Dry/Sensitive skin

- Rosacea or Redness (sensitive red skin) and/or open pores. 

Not for Erythema (acute redness), Post Inflammatory Erythema (P.I.E), or very reactive skin. 

The combination of ceramides, peptides, anti-inflammatories, anti-oxidants, niacinamide and collagen in this routine may be helpful for the reduction of long-term redness.

AM ROUTINE - 1. Micellar Gel Wash, 2. Toner, 3. Cera Pep,  4. Sunblock.

PM ROUTINE - 1. Antioxidant Serum 2. Cera Pep  

Note: Collagen Boost can be taken AM or PM, and it is not recommended to wash the face more than once a day (due to the redness).

It is advised to read the full guidelines for each product. When starting a new routine, patch test in a discreet area and build up usage gradually over 2-3 weeks, adding a new product every 2-3 days so the skin adjusts and problems can be isolated (if any).

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"Hi Dr. V! I use your Daily Range and TRIO Blemish Range. My acne-prone skin has gotten better over time. I tend to have combination skin during the summer but more dry skin during fall/winter. Thanks for all the knowledge you share with us! ❤️" - Ashley R