Body Brightening Oil

Body Brightening Oil
Body Brightening Oil

Body Brightening Oil

Collagen stimulating Body Oil, to help with the appearance of dull skin, scars, and stretch marks, on non-facial areas. 100ml bottle, 6-8 weeks est. supply.
  • For normal/dry skin
  • Optimal active ingredients for Skin of Colour
  • NO fragrance, essential oils or drying alcohols
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Dr. V Body Brightening Oil 100ml - helps with scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone.

Use this unique anti-aging formula body oil every day or after every shower, to seal in the actives from the Dr. V Body Range and leave your skin looking and feeling hydrated.

In skin of colour, we don’t want to irritate skin or cause reactions, as this is more likely to lead to hyperpigmentation. The Dr V Body range has a minimal expected reaction rate (zero in the consumer study).

The active ingredients are at the correct percentages for skin of colour, working synergistically in an easy-to-follow step-by-step system.

For example, here are the preferred ingredients we use for skin of colour and why:

1. Instead of high % Ascorbic Acid we use it at lower % and with Tetrahexyldecyl
Ascorbate instead (Ascorbic Acid is lower pH and potentially irritating in the sun).

2. Instead of high % retinol, we use low % retinol & combine with it with retinaldehyde which is less irritating and works 11x faster (but more expensive, so not readily available in skincare products).

3. Instead of Glycolic Acid, we opted for the AHA Lactic Acid, which is more hydrating & less irritating, so there is a lower chance of damaging the skin barrier and getting pigmentation.

4. Skin of colour is typically drier, so we use high % glycerin to compensate & hydrate.

5. The surfactant (cleans skin) we use is non-stripping: Cocamidopropyl Betaine.

Also, we use Sodium Laureth Sulfate, not SLS - Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, as the former is gentler for skin of colour.

For people with normal/dry skin, age 21+.

For ageing & dull skin concerns, bumpy Keratosis Pilaris, or general healthy/brighter skin apperance.

Not for persons with a history of reactions to skincare products or overly dry/sensitive/damaged skin.


> Retinaldehyde - potent and non-irritating Vitamin A

> Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate - fat soluble Vitamin C

> Ascorbic acid - water soluble Vitamin C

> Tocopheryl acetate - Vitamin E

> Ubiquinone

Full Ingredients:

INCI: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Caprylic/Capric riglyceride, Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Seed Oil, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba)
Seed Oil, Squalane, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, Ubiquinone, Retinaldehyde,
Ascorbic Acid, Tocopheryl Acetate, Phospholipids , Glycerin, Aqua.

After showering with Deep Cleansing Body Wash or your regular body wash, pat skin dry and apply Body Brightening Oil.

If the area will be sun exposed after use, please apply sunblock and reapply every 2 hours.

We would advise minimising sun exposure with this product on the skin.

Warning: In general, only apply the products in this range on normal skin, not if cracked or damaged. Not suitable for pregnancy.

In the rare event of skin irritation or an allergic skin reaction, please wash off, discontinue use, let us know and contact your doctor if required. 


Import Notice: This product contains Cannabis Oil 5%; some countries may not allow import, such as Singapore.

1. How long do Dr V Body Range products last for?

This will vary for each product and person, however, if usage guidelines are followed, the average duration may be 4-8 weeks approx.

2. Is the Body Range suitable for pregnancy & breastfeeding?

The range is NOT suitable for pregnancy & breastfeeding (contains Vitamin A in every product).

However, it would be a good idea to use before pregnancy (skin conditioning / thickens the dermis to reduce the severity or likelihood of stretch marks).

It would be useful after pregnancy also (helps to repair the dermis, stretch marks, & tighten wrinkled loose skin).

3. Is the Body Range suitable for all skin types?

It is for normal/dry skin, not ideally suited for oily skin (use Trio Blemish range instead).

4a. Can you use the BODY range with Dr. V Hyperpigmentation kits?

Yes, please follow the preferred PM routine below:

1. Apply Body Smoothing Exfoliator

2. Apply Deep Cleansing Bodywash in the shower

3. After the shower, apply the Dr V Body Pigmentation Kit creams (the one you are using that day).

4. Seal in the active ingredients with Body Brightening Oil.

4b. Can you mix & match the Body Range with 3rd party products?

You would not need to use any other products on the same area of skin, the Body Range has all the ingredients you need.

5a. Can I still use Tretinoin/ topical Acne medications (Duac, Adapalene etc) with Body Range?

You can use the Body Wash and Body Oil but please avoid the Body Exfoliator (if skin is dry/flaking).

5b. Can I use the Body Range whilst on Isotretinoin/Roaccutane?

Please only use the Body Wash, not other 2 products.

6. Can I apply Body Range products during the day?

Yes the product range is safe to wear during the day (as opposed to hyperpigmentation kits, which are not).

7. How long does it take to see results?

The timeline below may be broadly applicable to most users:

Immediately (1-3 uses): skin looks brighter with the full kit

After 4 weeks: skin more hydrated & plumper

After 8 weeks: skin should be glowing

After 12 weeks: wrinkles & saggy skin should be improved

To see an improvement in hyperpigmentation also, combine with Dr V Body Pigmentation Kit.

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Evidence based skincare

clinically proven

ingredients and formulations backed by clinical trials. 4 week results summary >>>
Evidence based skincare

Clinically proven

ingredients and formulations backed by clinical trials. 8 week results summary >>>

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
S. Musa (Woking, GB)
Great body oil

I really like this body oil. I doesn't feel greasy at all. No mattar how much you use on your skin it will not feel oily. My skin feels soft and smooth.

Kali (Alpharetta, US)
I’m very impressed!

When I first tried the Brightening Oil, I was halfway through the bottle and really doubted that I’d buy another. I figured, I gave it a shot but was uncertain of any results. Well shortly after, I received a scratch from my cat. If you have cats, getting scratched from time to time comes with the territory. However this time, I’d been using the Brightening Oil religiously and continued to do so. Typically, my cuts or scratches hyperpigment and leave a mark for a few years before they fade. This time, after applying the oil every day, by time my wound was healed there was almost no trace of it. The Brightening Oil is a game changer for me! I ordered another bottle and will continue to use this!

Nita Manna (Riga, LV)
very light weight

I have been using this product for a few weeks now. The first thing I noticed and want to mention is that it is very lightweight and quickly absorbed into the body. Also, a small quantity is enough to keep your skin hydrated without giving any thick feeling. I purchased it for stretch marks around my knee area but am not sure how long it will take to see some results. overall good product and I will definitely recommend it.

Rammia Sidd (Dubai, AE)

Feels light and non-greasy and I use this during the day.
Makes my skin feel soft and smooth, will definitely repurchase!

salma siddique (Bristol, GB)
Absorbs easily

I have been living this oil. It absorbs well and smells lovely. I feel my stretch marks are. Less raised I am also tanned so this could also be the reason. I have pigmentation issue on my legs and they seem to be lighter however l have only been using it for a few weeks so better to report back On that. Overall skin feels lovely and soft.

Yeter Bilik (Rochester, GB)
Makes skin smooth

It made a difference after 1 use! I am very pleased with this product. The only down side is packaging, it takes effort to squirt the product. But will definitely buy again.