Body Anti-Aging Complete Range

Body Anti-Aging Complete Range
Body Anti-Aging Complete Range
Dr V Body Range
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Body Anti-Aging Complete Range
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Body Anti-Aging Complete Range

  • 71-81% of users in the clinical study said their skin looks brighter, feels younger; more improved skin tone & stretch marks.
  • Optimal active ingredients for skin of colour.
  • No fragrance, essential oils or drying alcohols
To help with the appearance of dull skin, scars, and stretch marks, on body areas (non-facial). Save £6 when you purchase the complete set of Dr. V Body Anti Aging products.
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A convenient 3-piece set for body (non-facial) anti-aging, hydrating, and brighter, silkier skin appearance. Est. 4-8 weeks supply.

Helps with: scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone. Suitable for bikini area.

Safe to wear during the day. Not suitable for pregnancy & breastfeeding.

The Complete Set Contains (in order of use):

1. Body Smoothing Exfoliator 200ml (£28) - a leave-on exfoliating balm: removes dull skin, unclogs pores, brightens skin, improves penetration of active ingredients.

2. Deep Cleansing Body Wash 200ml (£14) - helps with scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone.

3. Body Brightening Oil 100ml (£34) - seals in the Dr. V Body Range active ingredients for enhanced anti-aging effects.

When purchase separately, the 3 products cost £76. Save £6 when purchased together as a set (£70).

In skin of colour, we don’t want to irritate skin or cause reactions, as this is more likely to lead to hyperpigmentation. The Dr V Body range has a minimal expected reaction rate (zero in the consumer study).

The active ingredients are at the correct percentages for skin of colour, working synergistically in an easy-to-follow step-by-step system.

For example, here are the preferred ingredients we use for skin of colour and why:

1. Instead of high % Ascorbic Acid we use it at lower % and with Tetrahexyldecyl
Ascorbate instead (Ascorbic Acid is lower pH and potentially irritating in the sun).

2. Instead of high % retinol, we use low % retinol & combine with it with retinaldehyde which is less irritating and works 11x faster (but more expensive, so not readily available in skincare products).

3. Instead of Glycolic Acid, we opted for the AHA Lactic Acid, which is more hydrating & less irritating, so there is a lower chance of damaging the skin barrier and getting pigmentation.

4. Skin of colour is typically drier, so we use high % glycerin to compensate & hydrate.

5. The surfactant (cleans skin) we use is non-stripping: Cocamidopropyl Betaine.

Also, we use Sodium Laureth Sulfate, not SLS - Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, as the former is gentler for skin of colour.

For people with normal/dry skin, age 21+.

For ageing & dull skin concerns, bumpy Keratosis Pilaris, or general healthy/brighter skin apperance.

Not for persons with a history of reactions to skincare products or overly dry/sensitive/damaged skin.


1. Body Smoothing Exfoliator Cream/Balm

Lactic acid, Salicylic acid, Gluconolactone - for exfoliation.

Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate, Niacinamide, Octadecenedioic
Acid, Ascorbic Acid - for pigmentation.

Retinaldehyde, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, DermStim & Acetyl Hexapeptide-49 - to stimulate collagen.

2. Deep Cleansing Body Wash 

> Retinaldehyde - stimulates collagen to improve scars and

> Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate - fat soluble Vitamin C - stimulates collagen to improve scars and stretchmarks

> Niacinamide - strengthens skin barrier and controls sebum

> DermStim (TM) - proprietary Collagen stimulating complex

> Ascorbic Acid - water soluble Vitamin C - Brightens skin

3. Body Brightening Oil

> Retinaldehyde - potent and non-irritating Vitamin A
> Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate - fat soluble Vitamin C
> Ascorbic acid - water soluble Vitamin C
> Tocopheryl acetate - Vitamin E
> Ubiquinone

See individual products for more detailed guidelines, however the running order is below:

1. Apply Body Exfoliator cream 1 hour before shower (1-2 times a week max.).

2. Apply collagen stimulating Body Wash in shower.

3. After shower, apply collagen stimulating Body Oil on damp skin.

Frequency of use: We recommend using this product range every day that you take a shower, and no more than once per day. Can be used AM or PM.

Warning: In general, only apply the products in this range on normal, clean skin, not if cracked/damaged.

Pregnancy: The range is not suitable for pregnancy & breastfeeding (contains Vitamin A in every product).


SIDE EFFECTS: (rare) may include mild & temporary: dry skin, irritation, redness, spots.

Reduce dosage or discontinue if symptoms are persistent or severe. In the event of a severe skin reaction, seek urgent medical assistance from your doctor.


Import Notice: This product contains Cannabis Oil 5% (in the Body Brightening Oil); some countries may not allow import, such as Singapore.


An Independent clinical study of 38 candidates reported

after 4 weeks:

71% "my skin feels younger"

after 8 weeks:

81% "my skin looks brighter"

74% "have more even skin tone"

71% "stretch marks improved"

(click here to download full Consumer Trial Report).

1a. How long do Body Range products last for?

This will vary for each product and person, however, if usage guidelines are followed, the average duration may be 6-8 weeks approx.

1b. How often/when can you use it?

We recommend using this product range every day that you take a shower, and no more than once per day. Can be used AM or PM.

2. Is the Body Range suitable for pregnancy & breastfeeding?

The range is NOT suitable for pregnancy & breastfeeding (contains Vitamin A in every product).

However, it would be a good idea to use before pregnancy (skin conditioning / thickens the dermis to reduce the severity or likelihood of stretch marks).

It would be useful after pregnancy also (helps to repair the dermis, stretch marks, & tighten wrinkled loose skin).

3. Is the Body Range suitable for all skin types?

It is for normal/dry skin, not ideally suited for oily skin (use Trio Blemish range instead).

4a. Can you use the BODY range with Dr. V Hyperpigmentation kits?

Yes, please follow the preferred PM routine below:

1. Apply Body Smoothing Exfoliator

2. Apply Deep Cleansing Bodywash in the shower

3. After the shower, apply the Dr V Body Pigmentation Kit creams (the one you are using that day).

4. Seal in the active ingredients with Body Brightening Oil.

4b. Can you mix & match the Body Range with 3rd party products?

You would not need to use any other products on the same area of skin, the Body Range has all the ingredients you need.

5a. Can I still use Tretinoin/ topical Acne medications (Duac, Adapalene etc) with Body Range?

You can use the Body Wash and Body Oil but please avoid the Body Exfoliator (if skin is dry/flaking).

5b. Can I use the Body Range whilst on Isotretinoin/Roaccutane?

Please only use the Body Wash, not other 2 products.

6. Can I apply Body Range products during the day?

Yes the product range is safe to wear during the day (as opposed to hyperpigmentation kits, which are not).

7. How long does it take to see results?

The timeline below may be broadly applicable to most users:

Immediately (1-3 uses): skin looks brighter with the full kit

After 4 weeks: skin more hydrated & plumper

After 8 weeks: skin should be glowing

After 12 weeks: wrinkles & saggy skin should be improved

To see an improvement in hyperpigmentation also, combine with Dr V Body Pigmentation Kit.

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Evidence based skincare

clinically proven

ingredients and formulations backed by clinical trials. 4 week results summary >>>
Evidence based skincare

Clinically proven

ingredients and formulations backed by clinical trials. 8 week results summary >>>

Excellent, really delivered for me

Shoa, UK

Excellent regime and I truly believe it works!

Ayshea, UK

This product was amazing to use, can’t believe how much it has changed my skin

Rochelle, UK

I liked the product but I have surgical scar on my tummy I didn’t notice massive difference on the mark but rest of skin looks more even smooth and brighter

Rabia, UK

Products were good for making skin soft

Ikra, UK

It was a good addition for my beauty regime

Jin, UK

Lovely application and it soaks in to skin well, leaving it feeling nourished.

Kshanti, UK

I enjoyed using these products and it definitely gave my skin a firmer and smoother appearance

Patyha, UK

Great product & very efficient. Highly recommended!

Sabina, UK

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Victoria (White Plains, US)
dull skin, and stretch marks

the anti-Aging body range, I am satisfied with the trio. I noticed the evolution of my skin which was very dull. My skin lacked radiance. And now I notice a change and especially the stretch marks are no longer visible. My husband appreciates it. I am on my third order of body brightening oil. Thank you Dr. V I appreciate your products which take care of the skin and body gradually. I will make other comments for the facial products that I ordered. Thank you

Anonymous (Birmingham, GB)
Smooth skin.

Hi, I would just like to review on my experience of using the body range. I usually suffer from textured skin as I shave as a method of hair removal. However I found after using the range that my skin had reduced in bumpiness and it felt more silky and smooth. My favourite out of the three is the exfoliating cream. It honestly is a staple and a little goes a long way. Thank you for creating this lovely product!

Neera (Mohali, IN)
Amazing results

I’m a total Dr V convert. This product is also amazing, felt my skin was more supple and hydrated from the first use. I will continue to repurchase it. Thanks Dr V🤎

Alcinda Patricia Santos (Stockport, GB)
Love it

Love this product, my skin never felt so good !

Iram Bano (Bradford, GB)
Love the body range

Being Indian I have scrubbed my body with the shower gloves for many years thinking its going to make my skin feel smooth
Dr v said that the gloves are no good for our skin
It's my 4 shower not been using the gloves Just the body products and my hands
Omg my skin is so soft
My knees and elbows don't feel as rough the little spots on my upper arm have gone
I have repurchased the body range
Love it
Thank you Dr. V

Sahar Zaarour

Really amazing, felt the difference from the first use

Carol W (Croydon, GB)
Body Anti Aging Range

I bought all three items to see what they were like.

DEEP CLEANSING BODY WASH: I completely lost my patience with this product, I had to pump and pump until a reasonable amount came out. I go so annoyed with how little was coming out that I took the pump off and just shook it out until a normal amount came out. Once I got what I needed, it didn't suds up as much as I was used to and it felt like it wasn't cleaning my body as it should, but I seemed to be clean LOL so obviously I just wasn't used to very little soap suds. This left my skin feeling very very soft. I almost felt that I didn't need any moisturising (but that could never happen!).

BODY BRIGHTENING OIL: Again, I needed a lot more than was suggested, but my skin felt very soft. Most oils make my skin soft and then after a few hours my skin is dry again. This one quite surprised me, my skin remained soft all day. I was most impressed.

BODY SMOOTHING EXFOLIATOR: This one had me a bit puzzled as the exfoliators I have been used to were gritty to get the dead skin cells off and you scrub it in the shower, but this one you put on like an oil and leave it on for an hour or two then shower it off. I'm still not used to it, so I can't really say much, there wasn't that much difference, but perhaps I need to use it a few more times.

I would definitely by the body wash and the oil again as they left my skin feeling soft and silky. However, I'm not too sure about the exfoliator.

Emilda (Bedford, GB)
More even skin

Pros: love how supple and even-toned looking my skin has become. The exfoliator is tricky to apply as it states in the instructions to apply and wait 1-2 hours before wash off. This is definitely challenging and not for a person with a busy and time constraint lifestyle. I love the brightening oil and again, wished it had better pump and bigger bottle - because you are meant to use only the oil on the body exclusively, I’ve gone through two bottles in less than a month already! I love the products and wish to stay consistent, would really appreciate if Dr V comes out with a skin moisturiser that could be used with the brightening oil so the product could last at least 4 weeks per bottle. Same goes for the body wash. Overall, thank you products for skin of colour!

Savah (Leicester, GB)
Amazing kit

The kit is lovely and my skin feels hydrated and soft, it is to early to see huge results but so far so good. My only issue is that the pump for the exfoliator and body wash dispenses very little product so I wish this could be improved. The oil is now a must in my beauty regime and I recommend you try this.

Briana Brewington
Body Oil--LOVE!!

I received the body range for Christmas and I love, love, love the brightening oil!! First time I've ever used an oil and after about 2-3 weeks of use I can already feel a difference in my "chicken skin" underneath my buttocks; looking forward to see the work on my stretchmarks!! I use the oil more frequently than the other products. I am truly not a fan of the wash--it's difficult to pump and doesn't really lather up for me, or requires too much to lather. Not too sure about the exfoliant...I tried it on my bikini area (not sure if that's against the rules) but it didn't work and I had to go back to my physical exfoliant. I won't purchase the full set again because of the body wash, but this oil will be mine again! I do hope we get a bigger size as this goes fast; and a different pump as this one is somewhat difficult and I hate how my oil gets trapped down between the the pump and bottle.

Dr Vanita Rattan Body Range reviews
keratosis pilaris reduction with Dr V Body Range