Dry Skin & Acne-prone

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Please consider the suggested product routine below if you have dry skin and regular acne break outs (daily/weekly). If you have occasional/monthly acne and normal/dry skin, try this routine instead.


AM - 1. Micellar Gel Wash, 2. TRIO Blemish AM Gel.

PM - 1. Micellar Gel Wash, 2. TRIO Blemish Exfoliator (spots only)* 3. TRIO Blemish PM Gel, 4. Cera Pep Moisturiser

*Apply on acne spots only with a cotton bud. 

Please read the full guidelines for each product. When starting a new routine, patch test in a discreet area and build up usage gradually over 2-3 weeks, adding a new product every 2-3 days so the skin adjusts and problems can be isolated (if any).


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