Combination Skin

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Here is Dr. V's suggested skincare routine below (left to right) if your skin is normal/dry in most areas and oily on the T-zone:

AM & PM please use the Dr. V Daily Range (products below), but on the T-Zone (TZ): use the TRIO Blemish Exfoliator (instead of 'Exfoliate to Glow') & avoid Oil Cleanser / Toner.

AM Routine: 1. Micellar Gel Wash (all face), 2. Cera Pep (all face).

PM Routine: 1. Micellar Gel Wash (all face), 2. Oil Melting Cleanser (non-TZ), 3. Toner (non-TZ), 4. TRIO Blemish Exfoliator (TZ), 5. Antioxidant Serum (all face), 6. Cera Pep (all face).

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