Please visit the Track My Order page, where you can find shipping status updates quickly.


A) Your Order Reference (e.g. #12345) & your email address

B) Your Tracking Code, which can be found in your shipping confirmation email.

Remember to check your junk mail folder for this email also, or any other email accounts you may have used. 



A) because we have not sent the item yet as we wait 1 working day for domestic UK orders, or 2 working days for international orders, in case customers wish to amend order details. So if you place an order on a Thursday, it may not be sent until Monday as Sat/Sun are non-working days.

B) you placed the order in a launch week of a new product or restock of an existing product, where it is advised that it may take an extra 5-7 working days to post your item as we may be exceptionally busy.


> A delivery attempt may have been made while you were out, and a note left behind.

> The item has already been delivered to your mailbox, 'safe place', or neighbour.

> International orders: please check if the item is held up at customs in your country and/or if they are trying to contact you, to pay customs duty.

> If none of the above applies, please email for help, quoting your order reference number.

> UK orders take 3-5 business days to be delivered to you and we dispatch after 1
business day.

> International orders take 10-25 days to be delivered via standard shipping (or 5-10 business days via the Express Courier option) and we dispatch after 2 business days.

> Selected Average Shipping Times (standard / express): USA/Canada (10 days / 5 days), France/Germany (10d / 5d), Australia/NZ (20d / 10d).

> Please allow an extra 7 working days for deliveries during the 'Launch Week' of
a new product. A Lauch Week is approx. 10 days after the a product is made available for sale or restocked.

For the latest shipping rates & info, please read our Shipping Policy

If we do not ship directly to your country (India for example), you may wish to consider using a parcel forwarding company, who has an address in the UK and can forward the goods to you (apart from to Spain).

They typically charge per kilogram of weight and have the added benefit that you can buy from several online stores and have all your goods sent to you in one delivery, saving you on shipping fees.

Some countries (like India) restrict food imports, so please check also if you are placing an order for Dr V. Collagen Boost.

Below is a list of companies you could set up an account with, however we encourage you to do your own research for the best rates and shipping options:

Forward2me (Global)

Shop&Ship (Global)

Postbox Courier (for South Africa)

DHL EasyShop (for Middle East)

You will need to setup an account with your chosen parcel forwarder above and then use the UK address they provide for you as your shipping address when making purchases on our website.

Please note that Skincare by Dr V can only guarantee delivery to your chosen shipping address in the UK, and is not responsible for delivery to the final destination, which remains with the mail forwarder.

- Since Jan. 2023 we no longer ship to SPAIN

- Since March 2022 we no longer ship to INDIA as customs bills have been unexpectedly high compared to historic levels.

However, the local websites below stock some or all of our products ranges:




SRI LANKA: UK Online Mart & TheEssentialsUK


Apologies we are unable to offer in-person consultations but are pleased to offer written recommendations tailored to your needs by email.

To begin a consultation, please email with a description your skin type, skin concerns and goals (photo is optional). We look forward to hearing from you :)

Here is our full list of pregnancy/breast-feeding safe products.

QUICK HINT: Antioxidant Serum, Trio Blemish PM Gel, Body Anti-Ageing Range and all Pigmentation Kits are not regarded as safe for pregnancy.

Most people of Asian, African and Mediterranean descent would be considered to have S.O.C for the purpose of making skincare choices.

This is because S.O.C is more likely to become hyperpigmented and drier over time due to, shared dermatological characteristics, read article.

This INCLUDES people of Chinese & East Asian descent, Near/Middle East Asian descent, and many people of Greek, Spanish or Italian origin (esp. in the south).

The S.O.C definition includes people of mixed genetic origins also.

Remember, it is not about your current location or shade of skin colour, it is about where your ancestors are from which determines how your skin BEHAVES in relation to the external environment and ageing.

YES, our products are suitable for people with Caucasian & lighter skin.

Skincare by Dr. V specialises in darker skin as conventional skincare / treatment options are more likely to worsen skin concerns for darker skin tones than they can for Caucasian skin.

In other words, Dr. V products' efficacy will be similar for dark and light skin alike, but side-effect risks will be reduced for dark skin to bring it closer to caucasian skin side-effect levels (which are lower on average).

See why here.

Yes of course!

All of them apart from the Bikini Pigmentation Kit.

Please visit any COLLECTIONS page and the Skin Quiz will launch in the bottom right corner.

Optimal product routines will be provided depending on your skin type and concern combination.

Product routines are also provided in the dropdown tabs on the Complete Daily Range webpage, the TRIO Blemish Range webpage or in the FAQs for the hyperpigmentation kit you are interested in.

These show you how to use them with other Dr V products or with medications / 3rd party products from other brands.

The answer is YES to all of the above, except Dr V Collagen Boost which is non-vegan (derived from fish).

We publish the results of the controlled consumer trials, which are available to download as a PDF from each product’s webpage. You will find a summary slide of the proven results in most product pages also.

If the product is part of a range, like the Daily Range or TRIO Blemish Range, the study was conducted on using the whole range together, and is downloadable from the webpage of the complete range (like the links above).

Before the consumer trial takes place, our products are challenge tested (by an independent laboratory) for a variety of metrics including: microbiology, stability, pH, packaging compatibility, general safety and compliance with UK/EU regulations.

Minimum 3 months. Most will require the FULL 6 MONTHS or longer.

Our treatments slows down the rate of melanin production to give you long term results. It is not a quick fix which would be temporary.

Pigmentation shouldn’t return as you block the trigger, usually UV light, which can be blocked by SPF50 suncreams, large hats, large sunglasses, seeking shade where possible. In cases where it is due to underlying health or hormonal conditions, this may vary.

It is important to note that results vary from person to person and are not guaranteed.

Returns & Refunds

Your 100% satisfaction is important for us. We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return. The item should be returned promptly after that time.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it, unused and in original packaging.

You’ll also need to provide the original proof of purchase / Skincare by Dr V order reference number.

To start a return, please contact us at:

Please retain proof of postage of the item back to us. Upon receipt of the item, refunds will normally be processed within 14 working days, less the shipping fee and a refund admin fee which is the lesser of £5 or 10% of the order value*.

Refunds will ALWAYS be sent to the same payment card or method used to pay for the original transaction. If a card has been subsequently cancelled, you will need to inform us BEFORE we process the refund.

*If the return is due to product damage in-transit OR due to
administrative error by Skincare by Dr. V and/or it's delivery partners, we will replace the item for you at no extra cost, OR if you would prefer a full refund instead, the shipping fee will be refunded & no admin fee deducted. Refund admin fee effective from orders placed from 17th Jan 2023.

Damages and Issues
Please inspect your order upon reception and contact us immediately if the item is defective, damaged or if you receive the wrong item, so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right. You will be offered a replacement, partial refund or full refund depending on the nature of damage. Please email a photo of the damage along with your claim.

Maximum Refund Value

The maximum refund in case of damages or non-delivery of item is the full value you have paid for the products including sales tax and shipping. We cannot refund your return costs or any customs duty/taxes paid, but claims for the latter can be made to the courier. Further compensation cannot be offered for delays, errors, reactions or any other issue.

Non-refundable items:

1. Used products - except for A) where it is agreed the product is demonstrably faulty, or B) where a unavoidable & verified skin reaction has occurred & the customer must discontinue usage (within 30 days of delivery).

2. Un-used products older than 30 days past the delivery date.

3. Items that were 'returned to sender' but not received back to us.

4. Items that have gone missing due to customer providing inadequate or incorrect address details at time of purchase, or not paying customs taxes.

5. Shipping fees- where the order delivery failed due to: A)the recipient not collecting the parcel in time after missing a delivery, or B)the item address provided by the customer being incomplete or incorrect, orC)the customer refusing to pay or not paying customs duties (where applicable).

6. Free Shipping value- where the item being returned benefited from 'free shipping' due to a qualifying minimum order value, the customer will be refunded the product value minus the standard fee of the shipping method used, upon return of the item back to us. At the time of writing, this is £3.49 for local shipping, or £12-19.95 for international shipping. For example, if the value of the free shipping order being returned is £100, the customer will be refunded £96.51 (if a local order).

Localised skin reactions are a rare but potential side-effect of any cosmetic product/treatment and are usually quite minor. Less than 1% of our products sold lead to cases of side-effects.

If you do experience any discomfort, pain, or other symptoms, please WASH OFF the product immediately with cold water and do not reapply.

In the rare event of a severe skin reaction, seek urgent medical assistance from your doctor.

Please DO NOT send used products back to us for a refund. Upon completion of a brief email investigation, we are likely to refund you directly if: 1. the skin reaction is severe, 2. it warrants discontinuation of product, and 3. is appropriately verified by your photos / written responses.

Check instructions, reduce dosage if symptoms are mild, OR discontinue if symptoms are persistent or severe.

Some symptoms, such as mild spots or tingling, can be normal and do not warrant discontinuation of product. This will be assessed by us when you email.

Please also see the detailed directions & restrictions on the individual product webpage.

We kindly ask that individuals with a history of skin reactions to cosmetic products (1+ instances) or known allergies to our ingredients to please NOT PURCHASE products from this website. Please email us if in doubt.


Join the Dr. V Rewards Program today and start earning points every time you shop*, refer friends & family**, mention us on socials, and on every birthday!

Points can be converted into coupons and easily redeemed at the checkout.

* Points are added to your rewards balance when order is shipped.

** Friends & family must be first-time customers & make a qualifying purchase (above £30) for you to both earn rewards.

Yes, a customer account is required to access the loyalty reward points and benefit from other offers in the program.

However, points will automatically start to accrue on purchases made on/after the program launch date (3rd October 2023), whether you were signed up to a customer account or not.

Once you sign-up to an account, it will automatically be linked to your previous order history from the same email address.

Your customer account can be accessed via the 'person' symbol on the top right corner of the website.

Points are awarded to your account when the order is shipped, not when payment is made.

We can’t add points for previous orders before the launch of the Rewards Program on 3rd October 2023.

Friends & family who you refer must be first-time customers, not an existing customer or a new email address of an existing customer.

Also the person you are trying to refer must not be on the same IP address location you are sending the referral link from.

Coupons from the Dr V Rewards Program can be used with the permanent
discount code you receive after making 3 purchases (the legacy loyalty program)
but cannot be combined with other types of discounts.

However, automatic discounts such as ‘free shipping’ and ‘full range bundles’ can still be combined with discount codes.


You can pay in instalments if you choose the Paypal option at the checkout (account required).

Please note, this is a financial arrangement with Paypal, not Skincare by Dr V.

1. We offer Free Shipping when you place an order of qualifying value. See Shipping Policy for more information.

2. Repeat-order and other discounts may be available from time to time via the opt-in mailing lists, so please sign up when prompted.

3. Discounts are available once you accrue enough points in the Dr. V Rewards Program. Points can be converted into coupons and redeemed at checkout.

4. After you make 3 purchases you will be emailed a permanent lifetime loyalty discount code after 48 hours.

Please sign up just above the FOOTER of this page & every webpage on this site. You will be emailed the ebook as a PDF file once you enter a valid address.

Skincare by Dr.V products are only available online at this website or Sephora UK; we are not in any retail stores at present.

They are also available in India, Nigeria, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago at the following list of Authorised Resellers

Dr V Inzincable for men and women


The 'Common Product FAQs' and dropdown tabs under the Item Description on every product page contains useful info such as:

1. How to apply the product
2. How to layer the product with others, inc. 3rd party products
3. Who the product is suitable for
4. Ingredients & many other details

Also, you can find THOUSANDS of verified product & service reviews on this website. Simply scroll towards the bottom of each relevant product page to view Dr Vanita Rattan skincare user reviews in more detail.