Collagen Boost Powder Sachets

Collagen Boost Powder Sachets
Collagen Boost Powder Sachets
Collagen Boost Powder Sachets
Collagen Boost Powder Sachets
Collagen Boost Powder Sachets

Collagen Boost Powder Sachets

  • 83% of users report glowing & firmer skin.
  • 76% of users say hair feels thicker & fuller.
  • High protein, fat free, no added sugar. 35 cals.
  • Added vitamins for younger looking skin (inc. Vitamin D3 & Hyaluronic acid for skin of colour).
The fastest way to glowing/hydrated skin & thicker/stronger hair is with max. bioavailability marine collagen powder. Dr. V Collagen Boost contains 8g collagen x 14 servings per pack (scoop included). Stir/shake in water or smoothies. Caffeine in Peach flavour only.
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14 x single serve sachets per carton (1 serving/sachet per day). Just 35-38 calories per serving. 

Flavour: Watermelon & Coconut.

Collagen format: Marine collagen powder.

Contains 8g per serving of Type 1 Hydrolysed Marine Collagen (derived from wild caught fish), which is the highest bioavailability (most effective) type of collagen powder on the market.

Best stirred/shaken in water, but can be blended with milk or juice also to make smoothie.


FREE FROM: gluten, nuts, shellfish, milk/dairy, eggs, other animal derivatives. This product was manufactured in a facility that also handles these ingredients.

Suitable for pregnancy. Store in a cool, dry place.

Add 1 sachet of powder to 300ml of cold or room temperature water and stir well. Drink within a few minutes of mixing the powder into liquid.

Best consumed with water, but can be blended with milk or juice to make smoothie.

Can easily be consumed on an empty stomach, but if you are finding it difficult, drink after a meal.

One serving per day advised, morning or evening.


Side Effects: extremely rare, but may include nausea, bloating or stomach discomfort. Consuming with food or sipping over a longer period is advised if side-effects experienced. Avoid if underlying digestive issues are present.

See 'back of packet' graphic above for ALL ingredients.


> 8g Hydrolysed Marine Collagen (from wild-caught fish). Rich in Type 1 Collagen Peptides. Low molecular weight means 90% availability in a few hours.

> Full 18 Amino acids (see below)

> VITAMINS ideal for skin of colour:

- Vitamin D3 (10 mcg / 400 IU - 200% RI).

- Vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, E.

- Hyaluronic acid.

- Zinc, Copper, Folic acid, Biotin.

(see 'back of packet' graphic for quantities, which vary slightly by flavour but are broadly the same).

> Contains Caffeine (Peach & Pineapple flavour only).


Fish, Pineapple (both flavours), Caffeine.


Gluten, nuts, shellfish, milk/dairy, eggs, other animal derivatives. This product was manufactured in a facility that also handles these ingredients.


The glycine and proline conc. is 10 to 20 times higher than in other proteins. As a result, this type of marine collagen offers nutri-functional properties that cannot be found in other protein sources.

Alanine 8%, Arginine 8%, Glutamic acid 11%, Glycine 20%, Hydroxy-proline 12%, Proline 13%, Essential Amino acids 16% (Leucine, Isoleucine, Lysine, Threonine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Valine, Tryptophan), others 12% (Aspartic acid, Serine + more).

Collagen is the main building block protein that forms your bones, skin, hair, muscles, tendons, and ligaments

Collagen production reduces by 1% every year from 21 onwards. This leads to loss of skin elasticity, which causes wrinkles, dry, thinning and sagging skin.

Loss of collagen also contributes to hair loss, slow hair growth and brittle hair. It can lead to aching joints and slow recovery post injury.

The collagen in 'Dr V Collagen Boost' is broken down into peptides in the gut then absorbed into the blood stream. These peptides are recognised by fibroblasts as collagen fragments which ‘tricks’ fibroblasts to produce more collagen in response to the 'pretend' collagen breakdown.

More About Collagen

Collagen is the most abundant component of the extracellular matrix and is the key protein to give skin its structure. It is surrounded by water to support  smooth, firm skin.

Collagen looks like a rope, it has 3 chains wrapped around each other forming a triple helix. This gives incredible tensile strength to the skin.  

Clinical studies show age related reduction in collagen synthesis can be reversed by oral administration of specific bioactive collagen peptides.

Collagen fibres are synthesized primarily by the fibroblasts in the deeper layers of the skin. This is why replacement must happen orally.

About Marine Collagen Peptides

These collagen peptides come from the skins of wild-caught ocean fish.

Marine collagen are Type 1 collagen peptides. This is the most abundant in the human body and is found in our skin, hair, bones, tendons and ligaments.


LEARN MORE AT: Peptan Marine Collagen & How it Works

1. Skin of colour has less ceramides than Caucasian skin, leading to dry skin. This is why hyaluronic acid has been added to this product and only marine collagen used, as it increases the amount of water binding glycosaminoglycans, leading to improved skin hydration.

2. When people of colour live in a colder environments, they are more likely to suffer with low vitamin D and may benefit from consuming this daily to improve mood and joints.

3. Hyperpigmentation is one of our greatest skincare issues and copper has been added to the formulation for this purpose. It is a great vitamin to even skin tone and improve hair pigment.

4. As skin of colour can react to ascorbic acid on the skin during the day, oral anti oxidants e.g. vitamin C is an effective way to mop up damaging free radicals without irritating the skin.

For men & women, all skin types (dry/oily/sensitive) & persons 21 years and over (when collagen starts to decrease).

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a serious medical condition or are under medical supervision, please consult with your doctor before taking this product.

RESULTS: An Independent clinical study of 29 candidates after 12 weeks of consuming 1 serving per day showed:

86% - "my skin feels more hydrated"

83% - "my skin is glowing / feels firmer"

76% - "my hair feels thicker & fuller"

72% - "my hair & nails have grown more quickly"

79% - "I would recommend to family or friends"

(click here to download consumer trial report).

1. Can you take Collagen Boost if pregnant or have other medical conditions?

If you are pregnant or have a serious medical condition, please consult with your doctor before taking this product.

PREGNANCY: It is considered safe. The product does not contain shellfish and has added folic acid.

DIABETICS: The product has no added sugar, carbohydrates, fats or cholesterol.

OTHER CONDITIONS: The product has no impact on hormone levels.

2. What is the difference between topical application and oral consumption of collagen?

Orally consumed collagen improves collagen uptake in the dermis. Collagen topically applied doesn’t penetrate the epidermis as the molecule is too large. It just acts as a moisturiser in this setting.

3a. Can I take other multi-vitamins & protein supplements?

Yes you can still take your normal vitamin and/or protein supplements with this product, unless you have been advised not to overconsume certain vitamins due to underlying health conditions (very rare).

3b. Can I take this product AM or PM?

Yes it can be consumed any time; the Peach flavour contains caffeine so you may not want this too late in the day.

4a. What does this drink taste like?

It primarily tastes of watermelon/coconut water (sweeter option) or peach/pineapple water (lightly caffeinated option).

It does not taste of fish at all, unlike some other marine collagen products on the market.

4b. How much caffeine is in the Peach flavour?

50mg caffeine per serving; equivalent to approx. a full cup of
tea or a half cup of coffee. There is no caffeine in the Watermelon & Coconut flavour.

5. Can you consume Vitamins on an empty stomach?

With Collagen Boost, you are consuming the vitamins with a significant amount of water and protein, so yes you can consume it on an empty stomach.

However, if you have any stomach issues or prefer to take with food, please do.

6a. How long will it take to see results?

Results will vary by person. They may start to be seen from 2 weeks onwards, or 1-3 months on average.

6b. Do you stop taking collagen after 3 months and what happens to the benefits?

The product is meant to be taken indefinitely (give or take periodic breaks), so there may be some reversal in benefits if stopped completely.

The 3 month program is intended to be the minimum initial duration to allow for benefits to be seen.

7. Is this product Halal?

Yes the product is halal as the collagen is derived from fish only and has no other animal products inside.

8. Is this product Keto-friendly / Fasting-friendly?

This product will not kick you out of ketosis as there is only 1.6g of total carbohydrates per serving, however it will break a fast (due to the 34 calories).

9. Is this product tested for heavy metals?

Yes the product is tested that heavy metal concentrations are below acceptable regulatory thresholds (lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury).

10. Where is the fish sourced from & which fish?

MADE FROM: the skin of wild caught Cod, Haddock and Catfish.

SOURCED FROM: UK, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, USA, Canada, China, Vietnam.


- Compliant with the strictest FDA & EU food regulations.

- Fully traceable.

- Non-GMO (produced without genetic engineering).

- 100% pure collagen peptides of marine origin.

- 100% free of antibiotics, hormones and preservatives.

11. Can you make a vegan version?

The collagen which is proven to be effective in human skin only grows in animal skin, of which fish collagen is the most effective. Therefore, we do not plan to develop a vegan collagen product.

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marine collagen

Maximum bioavailablity, less wastage. Other types of collagen (bovine/porcine) are not as efficient at delivering the key benefits to your Skin & Hair.
skin of colour optimised


to target the specific dermatological issues of darker skin & Vitamin D added for deficiency correction.


Based on an independent clinical study of 29 candidates
evidence-based science

clinically proven

8g collagen per serving, as used in several clinical studies on collagen supplement efficacy. Many other brands contain less than 8g, or use non-marine collagen, or lack the additional vitamins ideal for skin of colour.

"I saw a drastic change with my fine lines and smile lines...thank you so much!" watch full video

Dr V Collagen Boost review
LaWanda Hopkins
Actress/Dancer, USA

...I couldn't believe that I just started my 2nd box and my fine lines are completely gone.... the Collagen Boost is my must have forever.

dr vanita rattan skincarebydrv collagen review 3
Ano (via IG)
Instagram Follower

I see a good change in my skin and hair after 3 weeks. Under eye skin seems to have tightened and hair texture seems to have gotten better.

Ash Ash (via IG)
Instagram Follower

tried sooo many collagen supplements and I am in awe of this product!!! Not only does it taste amazing.... but I have seen amazing results in just a week!...I have been recommending it to my colleagues and patients!

dr vanita rattan skincarebydrv collagen review 2

"It's so good"

Farhiya, Digital Creator

"can start to see how it's really improving my health in a holistic way"

dr vanita rattan skincarebydrv collagen review
IG Follower

"It's really delicious"

Aramide, Skin Model

"It's really nice!"

Anchal, Author & Podcast host

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Elizabeth Loftas (Warrington, GB)
Need to buy in shops as well

For ethnic skin this product is life changing honesty, I tell everyone about this product. Not only does this product help with my skin appearance, I no longer need to wear makeup to even my skin tone. I would recommend the entire range to everyone with oily skin like mine.

Irene Katusiime (Northampton, GB)
Best collagen I have used

Two weeks of use and my looks and feels more nourished with a smooth glow and no breakouts. Seems to also be clearing the hyperpigmentation. Do buy!

CeCelia Smith (Duluth, US)

Product is good quality but don't taste good

Jas Mahil (Birmingham, GB)
Collagen drink.

When you have long shifts and you can rely on on your favourite watermelon and coconut collagen drink to keep you going. Feeling refreshed love love love. It's a game changer how many compliments I get for my glowing skin.

Sarah (Sheffield, GB)

Makes such a huge difference to your skin in just a few weeks you will see a glow.. with the added vitamins you will see an energy boost aswel.. I currently take one sachet everyday or every other day after meals

fhs (Manchester, GB)
over 5 months with no results for me

Really wanted to like this and took it for 5+ months but saw no improvement in my skin, hair, OR nails. Kept taking it every month thinking i should keep going but now i feel like i’m just wasting money unfortunately :(

"fuller and heathier"

collagen boost user reviews IG