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Deep Cleansing Body Wash
Rose gupta (Tampa, US)
Best body wash!

This is the best cleansing body wash ever! My lower legs and full arms got tan because of swimming in Florida weather, and after using this wash for 2 weeks I found such a drastic improvement in my tan areas they are comming back to their orignal colour and I too have itching issue it got resolve after a week and also have some tiny bumps in my back and my upper arms it's also reduced 70%. Worth buying! Highly reccomended! Please give it a try and don't waste money on any other brand rather try buying this product once,This is the best of best.

Dr Vanita Rattan Complete Daily Range
Niranjala Sandanam (Scarborough, CA)

No words to say, all the products are really Amazing. I feel very happy. Thank you so much Dr v.

Dr Vanita Rattan Complete Daily Range
Sarah Kürsteiner (Basel, CH)
Best skincare routine

I have tried many things to repair sun damage that I did to my skin with excessive sunbathing and tanning. It was hard to find something that works for my oily skin parts that tend to break out as well as for my dry and sensitive areas. After seeing wrinkles starting to show (I’m 26 now) after my skin was damaged, skincare became so important to me. Which is why I was looking for the most nurturing and healing skincare with no downsides whatsoever. I’m so happy I found my (I think life long) skincare routine with Dr. Vs Products.
Thankful :)

InZincable SPF50
Ann Cerame (Cerritos, US)
Love it!

Absolutely love it! So far no breakout from Inzincable sunscreen.

InZincable SPF50
P. Sidhu (Hounslow, GB)
Lovely sunscreen

My children love to put on this suncream and so do I, perfect consistency, easy to use and lightweight.

Body Anti-Aging Complete Range
Carol W (Croydon, GB)
Body Anti Aging Range

I bought all three items to see what they were like.

DEEP CLEANSING BODY WASH: I completely lost my patience with this product, I had to pump and pump until a reasonable amount came out. I go so annoyed with how little was coming out that I took the pump off and just shook it out until a normal amount came out. Once I got what I needed, it didn't suds up as much as I was used to and it felt like it wasn't cleaning my body as it should, but I seemed to be clean LOL so obviously I just wasn't used to very little soap suds. This left my skin feeling very very soft. I almost felt that I didn't need any moisturising (but that could never happen!).

BODY BRIGHTENING OIL: Again, I needed a lot more than was suggested, but my skin felt very soft. Most oils make my skin soft and then after a few hours my skin is dry again. This one quite surprised me, my skin remained soft all day. I was most impressed.

BODY SMOOTHING EXFOLIATOR: This one had me a bit puzzled as the exfoliators I have been used to were gritty to get the dead skin cells off and you scrub it in the shower, but this one you put on like an oil and leave it on for an hour or two then shower it off. I'm still not used to it, so I can't really say much, there wasn't that much difference, but perhaps I need to use it a few more times.

I would definitely by the body wash and the oil again as they left my skin feeling soft and silky. However, I'm not too sure about the exfoliator.

Hair Range - The Complete Set
Carol W (Croydon, GB)
Hair Range

I bought all five items to see if they were any different to other hyped up shampoos and oils etc.

I have been through more shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners, leave in conditioners and oils than I've had hot dinners! LOL

HAIR THICKENING SHAMPOO: It's quite thick when you pump it and took a while to get enough in my hand to wash my hair (and I've got very short hair), but I got there eventually and it soaped up my hair like any other shampoo. My hair felt and looked clean enough.

HAIR CUTICLE REPAIR CONDITIONER: This is quite thick and creamy. A lovely consistency. Again I was looking for that lovely smell that comes with conditioners, but there was none LOL, it really is fragrance free! My hair felt softer, but in all honesty most conditioners make my hair feel soft straight after washing it, it's later on after a few days that the truth comes out.

HAIR PROTECT AND SHEILD CONDITIONER: This is a leave in conditioner which works well on dry hair and combs through leaving my hair feeling better than if I hadn't used it. I have to say I do like it.

HAIR STRAND STRENGTHENING OIL: This oil is one of my favourites as it isn't greasy and my hair did feel somewhat softer, however like all the other Dr V products, you need more than is suggested. I have what is known as 4C hair and need far more than a few drops and pumps of product. I was impressed with the fact that it wasn't greasy and didn't leave a high shine on my hands after applying it.

HAIR ANAGEN BOOST TONIC: This is the product that hacked me off a bit. Well it wasn't the product itself, it was the amount in the bottle. This is the one product that I was convinced was working. Every night I would spray a few spritzes on the thin patches on my head (the thin patch on the crown of my head is is quite large and noticeable) and needed to spritz at least 4 squirts in that area and thin spots, one either side of my head. By the end of the week the Boost Tonic was finished (15ml). When I tried to order it again I discovered I was restricted to one! I can't keep ordering one every week. I was so disheartened by that, that I abandoned the order. I definitely saw some thickness in my hair which was amazing because I can be very skeptical when it comes to hair products, none seem to do what they say they would, but this tonic seems to have done something and then it was finished! The tonic needs to be in a bigger bottle - at least 100ml. 15ml just begins to do it and then it's gone! You can only order one due to stock limitations, so that is no good to anyone!

All in all the hair products are fine and after a few uses my hair felt softer than it usually feels and I would definitely use them again and recommend them.

Skin Care

I bought all six items to see if they were any good. I’ve only just discovered Dr Anita Rattan and was interested in trying skin care developed by an actual GP.

OIL MELTING CLEANSER: Had to use it a few times to get the hang of it. It does what it says on the tin - removed all my make up very well. I was impressed with the fact that it took my mascara off really well with no traces left behind. However I needed much more than two pumps for it to work properly.

MICELLAR GEL WASH: This was very good. I was expecting my skin to be dry and tight because that’s all I’ve ever known after washing my face. My face didn’t feel tight at all, in fact it felt quite soft which was nice. Took all traces of dirt and the Oil Melting Cleanser off. My face felt fresh and clean.

SUPER HYDRATING TONER: I love my toners and have my favourite so Dr Vanita’s one had a lot to live up to - but it did its job. I was pleasantly surprised. My face felt nice and fresh. I was a little confused though - when I saw her spray the toner directly on her face in her video, I then discovered mine was not a spray and had to pump it onto a cotton pad. You could, of course, pump it directly into your hands, but I like using cotton pads. Again you need far more than one or two pumps. Although there is no fragrance, the toner has a faint smell of baby powder, which was lovely. Definite thumbs up for the toner.

ANTIOXIDANT POWER SERUM: I’ve been through a few serums in my time, but this one is really lovely. It leaves your face so soft and smooth. A little goes a long way with this one.

CERA PEP MOISTURISER: Well - what can I say? This was very creamy and fairly thick, but not greasy. It left my skin very soft and smooth. You don’t need much as a little goes a long way. I know these products have no fragrance for a very good reason, but I do miss it. I kept smelling them, but nothing. LOL

EXFOLIATE TO GLOW: This one was hard to wrap my head around as I’m so used to exfoliating with some form of grains or gravel in the product to take that top layer of dead skin cells off. This has none of that, so I found it difficult to accept that it works. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, it’s just that I haven’t adjusted to it yet.

On the whole these products work very well and I would buy most of them again and would definitely recommended them.

I also have to say, the Dr V products have cut the cost of other products, as I don’t need to use as many. I also don’t need cotton pads to remove my eye make up, I don’t need facial wipes, I don’t need micellar water and a few other bits and pieces. So this has saved me a fair bit of money too.

InZincable SPF50
Lauren H (Philadelphia, US)
Love it!!

I love how it has no white cast!!! Perfect perfect, my new go to

InZincable SPF50
karen l krause (Yakima, US)
Nice and no white cast

A little oily,so I just put what’s needed!

Oil Melting Cleanser
Tibi (Ealing, GB)
Magical product

It does wonders, unimaginably amazing just melts away all the gunk in 30 seconds

Dr. V Sunglasses
Kalay Naidoo (Glen Allen, US)
Review on Melasma Glasses

I love the glasses very stylish and knowing I have added sun protection. I have a small face so it is a little loose.

InZincable SPF50
Fathima Faizeen (Colombo, LK)
My go to daily sunscreen

No white cast and i feel safe and worry free knowing its a physical sunscreen that can be applied on the face and body without any reactions!

InZincable SPF50
Richard Fu
Inzincable SPF

This sunscreen is very easy to apply and it does not leave any white cast after application. Good for asian skin. I also bought Dr V Cera Pep moisturiser as well.

Noticeable scalp clarity and hair density

I have been using this 1-2 times a week in combination with the anagen boost tonic and I was able to finally get my recurring hair and scalp issues under control. I have an oily scalp (but only learned this year that I need to clarify my scalp with a shampoo that has salicylic acid). I had a recurring build up and irritation issue under - and finally realised I do not have dandruff, I just didn't have the right shampoo to truly clear my scalp. The oily scalp + dry hair combination was impossible to tackle with even expensive shampoo I was buying from salon stores, but this shampoo has taken away my scalp clearing woes and have not needed a salon treatment since the issue is now curbed. With daily use of the tonic as well, I now notice that my hair fall between washes is significantly reduced overall, and I can feel my hair density is improved - which is not what I expected as I actually do not have hair loss issues thankfully. But I guess this maximised my genetic potential for hair retention on the scalp - which I was never able to achieve with all the Indian oiling remedies! My claw clips now cannot hold my hair up alone, and even after trimming my hair I can feel it is heavier (so there's more hair on my head) than it used to be before I began using this around 3 months ago. Even if the 2 white hairs on my head are not because of a deficiency that this serum can remedy, and is just what my DNA has decided, my overall hair health is much improved. I look forward to getting the conditioner range and well next time I order, and will be sticking with this shampoo and serum for sure.

TRIO Blemish AM Gel Moisturiser
Rudo Musoni (Colchester, GB)
Wonderful product!

My daughter started suffering terribly with cystic acne just after her 12th birthday. It was affecting her self confidence and we felt that we needed to do something. We tried many products and did not see much improvement until we started using the Trio Blemish range. It's very pricy for a 13th year old but we really have no choice as it has improved her skin greatly!

Hair Range - The Complete Set
Giuliana (Wembley, GB)
Holy grail

I’ve been struggling with an itchy scalp for a very loooooong time. Been checked by several dermatologists who said nothing was wrong with my scalp. Tried many different shampoos and always been disappointed so gave up on finding a solution - just got used to my itchy scalp… Bought Dr V hair care range and used it only twice - it worked wonders!!! I am so happy to have come across these products!!! Thank you Dr V for this range - pure magic! 🤍

InZincable SPF50
Zyrah K (Eastbourne, GB)
Lovely product, just wish it was a little less pricey

I do love this product, it’s so smooth and the formula is overall fantastic. It’s non-greasy and is doing great for my sensitive acne-prone skin.
Only thing, I do however just wish it was a bit larger. I understand the reasons why companies price their items how they do, but for the price of this I do wish it was bigger. It is in the pricier side.

Also ladies of colour, at first it may seem like it is slightly leaving a white cast, BUT this disappears after 5 minutes, just really rub it in your skin. Perfect for everyday use ◡̈

I would recommend this products for all people of colour for sure.

InZincable SPF50
Lina Severino (Los Angeles, US)
Love love love

I am a black woman and I love the texture of this product and the fact that it does not leave a white cast. I honestly just wished it was bigger and cheaper. In terms of hyperpigmentation…no results yet but getting rid of that takes awhile anyway. People of color should buy this.

Facial Pigmentation Kit
aini (Dallas, US)

I have been using the hyperpigmentation facial kit since August 2022, it has been 9months now. I love the product and put my trust in Dr.V’s skincare products. The results has been slowly improving. I will continue to use for another 6 months and hopefully my dark spot will be cleared. Photos shown before (Aug2022)and after (May 2022).

Body Brightening Oil
Raxy London (London, GB)
Smooth no greasy

This oil is very lightweight on the skin, I have seen a major improvement on my stretch marks and a little on my pigmentation on the side on my face. Still on the first bottle hopefully the stretch marks will disappear on the second bottle. I'm also wanna get the pigmentation kit for a speedy results.

Collagen Boost
Shriti Teli (Leicester, GB)
Skin Glow and lightening of skin

I started taking the collagen 20 days ago and after 20 days I can say this product bought a radiant glow. My skin is glowing and also lightened. I am excited to see the results in three months and I shall be posting another review too. Thank you Dr V for this amazing product. The mixture is not too sweet and actually taste really nice.

Antioxidant Power Serum
It's amazing!

It's the best serum I've ever used :) I love it! I tried many serums before but this serum is the one...Hands down! Thank you for Dr. Vanita

InZincable SPF50
Loudy Francois (Kingsland, US)
Great product

This sunscreen is doing it’s job. There’s no white cast which is a concern when it first goes on my face. You do have to be careful to shake before use and not put on too much so face isn’t oily. I don’t breakout with product. I’ve already purchased twice.

InZincable SPF50
lilmissodd (Nottingham, GB)
No white cast - it's true!

This sunscreen feels light and is easily absorbed unlike many zinc sunscreens. It provides good coverage and does not leave a white cast - highly recommend