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TRIO Blemish Complete Range
Ashley Octave (Stanmore, GB)
Skin is healthier

I did not take a before pic but considering where my face was before it has gotten so much better. Im on my second week. The scars are slowly diminishing, my face isnt as oily and bumpy. I hardly get any black heads. Cant wait for for the 4 weeks and most definitely buy again. Highly recommend. Thank you Doc. V


This is my third week in and I'm probably a shade ir 2 darker than Dr Ratan. I have been waiting for a while to try as i suffer from hyper pigmentation. There were not much products out there and especially for men where most beauty products dont even target the male audience. Im glad Dr Ratan went out of her way none sponsered. I have followed a ton of American doctors and we all know they will happily give false information just to sell the product. This range maybe pricy but i always had dull skin and now i have light bouncing off of my face. Everyone around me has noticed. Im hoping to keep it up, then i can decide which products of the daily range i want to continue using. I've been out in the sun and for the first time i had an EVEN tan rather than hyperpigmented patches. Thank you Dr Ratan

Exfoliate to Glow 50ml
Tharindie (Brisbane, AU)

Gives your skin a beautiful glow ! On my second bottle now

InZincable SPF50
Shubha Shivapurkar (Alexandria, US)
Simply Magic.

Love this sunscreen. You need a small amount to cover your face; and it is quite easy to blend in the skin. The bottle looks very attractive, Using this product along with other skin regiment from Dr. V has made all the discoloration on my face disappear and my friends often ask me what skin care products I am using.

Hair Protect & Shield Conditioner 150ml
Shubha Shivapurkar (Alexandria, US)
Dr V does it again

I have been trying hair Protect and Shield conditioner for 9 months now. It has totally changed the look of my hair. I have no frizzies; and it does not weigh hair down. I love it.

Exfoliate to Glow 50ml
Joujou Dodson (Hampton, US)
Simply The Best

I can't express enough how impressed I am with Exfoliate to Glow. The best thing about it is that it doesn't cause any irritation. As someone with sensitive skin, I'm always hesitant to try new products, but this one lives up to its promise of gentle exfoliation. I use it twice a week and I love how my skin feels afterwards - my pores look smaller and my skin is smoother. Exfoliate to Glow has become a staple in my skincare routine and I plan to keep using it. Dr. V has done it again with another great product. Thank you!

Antioxidant Power Serum 30ml
Joujou Dodson (Hampton, US)
Great Product

I have been using the Antioxidant Power Serum for a few weeks now, and I am pleased with the results so far. I was initially hesitant to try it because I have sensitive skin, but it hasn't caused any irritation. Two pumps of the serum are enough to cover my entire face. Although I haven't noticed any significant radiance yet, my skin appears smoother. I must say that I am a big fan of Dr. V's products. I enjoy watching her YouTube videos and reading her book, Skin Revolution. I am planning to place another order soon, and I will continue using the serum for about six months to a year to see if there are any significant results.

Thank you, Dr. V - Please keep doing what you do so very Well!!

Hair Range - The Complete Set
Rosie R (Johannesburg, ZA)
So far so good

Only just started using the hair care range. There is a noticeable difference in my hair texture. It's not so dry and unmanageable. I like the scalp spray alot. I'm looking forward to continued use of the range xx

Collagen Boost
Rebecca (New Orleans, US)
Actually works

Won't lie I was a little skeptical, but I decided to give this a try before venturing into botox. I started getting lines on my forehead and between my eyebrows. And now they are more or less completely gone. I actually can feel that my skin is more plump as well. The pineapple and peach flavour is my favourite It's so tasty that it feels like I'm having a little 💫drink💫 as a treat and not like I'm having to drink it for my skin (not a fan of the Watermelon and coconut to be honest but that's preference) I've decided I can probably put botox off for a while haha

I wish I took before pictures, but I've attached the after.

Sienna's Calm Balm
Lovetorunua (London, GB)

This calm balm is the best I've used when I first purchased it i did notice how expensive it is but because it works I'm prepared to pay for it. I had damaged skin barrier under my eyes which caused folds and lines after 2 weeks of use 85% of those lines have gone. I now use this as my under eye balm and it's amazing

Antioxidant Power Serum 30ml
Mayukha Aluwihare (Dubai, AE)
InZincable SPF 50 sun screen.

Absolutely in love this fantastic product. On my second bottle now. Its’ slightly oily texture is really good for my mature skin.

Antioxidant Power Serum 30ml
Jacqueline Johnson (Wednesbury, GB)
Still in early stages

Still in the early stages of using the full set of these products. Had a couple compliments about my skin. Continuous use and time will tell

Collagen Boost
shalaka sidmul (Seattle, US)
No noticeable difference yet

I have been taking the collagen powder with green tea for a couple weeks now. Haven’t seen a noticeable difference yet. I have sensitive skin and anything I change in my food shows up on my face within days. Taste wise it is a little too sweet for my liking.

InZincable SPF50
Jen (San Bernardino, US)

I have been using this spf for about 2 years now and I love it. I bought it because I was desperate to stop/prevent melasma from expanding. My melasma is still there, but I continue to have faith in it. What I don’t like is that I never received any sort of discount code or free shipping

TRIO Blemish Complete Range
Jeff D (Saltillo, US)
Great Results After 2 1/2 Weeks

Thank You So Much, I’ve used so many products in my life. First thing is the routine in simple(key).Step 1 Facial wash- gentle but very effective. Skin is clean and soft. 2 Exfoliator is top tier Easy application and wait 10-20 minutes and then rinse..Magic!! 3. AM gel is light and absorbs well. PM gel is Amazing with healthy hydrated skin in the morning.

InZincable SPF50
Shalini Shalini (Sydney, AU)
Love this product!

Best sunscreen I’ve ever used. No white cast & leaves skin feeling amazing. Highly recommended ❤️

Collagen Boost
Farhana Rahman
Collagen review

It would be better if less sweet or without-sugar options were available. Packaging can be a bit bigger size like for 30-31 days & foiled wrapped jar.

Super Hydrating Toner 150ml
Hong Penang (Bayan Lepas, MY)
Hydrating Toner

The toner is very Hydrating the best compared with other brands that has fragrances. The only problem is when I received the toner leaks the toner box wet. You Need to seal the inner concealer before fixing the atlas pump. Hope my next purchase will not have leaking.

Dr. V Sunglasses
Jahjella (Loxahatchee Groves, US)

This is the best pair of sunglasses that I have purchased. I would strongly recommend it to all people interested in blocking out the rays from the sun, not to mention that I can see clearly through them. I recommended them to 2 other people, and they were also happy with them. Kudos to Dr. V!

InZincable SPF50
Nita Manna (Riga, LV)
The best sunscreen

I bought my first pack few months back but stopped using it as it was peeling on top of my trio blemish AM gel. But now with this new AM gel formula it is not peeling anymore and I started using Inzincable again. Though sometimes it feels bit oily for my oily acne prone skin but it is managable. The best part is the light weight formula. I generally used the color science matte suncsreen for a long time but this one is so light weight compare to that and also no added color :)

Collagen Boost
Nisha Pillai (Woodford Green, GB)

Love the watermelon and coconut flavour. One disadvantage I would say is the package could be bigger to last longer.

TRIO Blemish AM Gel Moisturiser 100ml
Joanne Irvine (Sydney, AU)
Love it!

I wasn’t sure at first but after using the blemish moisturiser for 2-3wks know, I can’t live without it.

InZincable SPF50
shanda robertson (Saint Albans, US)
Melts into my skin

Since the launch of this product, it's been my favorite. It literally melts into my skin. My complexion is on the medium to dark side and it works perfectly for me. I have tried it on my coworker's skin, and it works the same way for them. Highly recommend it.

TRIO Blemish Complete Range
Satvinder Clifton (Sutton Coldfield, GB)
Love these products

I really like the larger sizes now too
Love these products and feel my skin is now noticeably better

InZincable SPF50
Vinal Patel (Fords, US)
Incredible SPF

As an eye care professional, I acknowledge the importance of having quality products around our eyes and extending that to the rest of skincare. I would highly recommend Dr. V's incredible sunscreen that leaves a smooth finish and UV protection!