Collagen Boost VEGAN Gel Shots

Dr V VEGAN Collagen Gel blueberry
Dr V VEGAN Collagen Gel blueberry sachets
Collagen Boost VEGAN Gel Shots

Collagen Boost VEGAN Gel Shots

For the reduction of wrinkles through increased collagen density in the skin. Contains 14 ready-to-drink shots per pack, in a delicious Blueberry Pie flavour.
  • 2.5g VeCollal and just 9 calories per serving.
  • Added Vitamin C & Iron
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14 x ready-to-drink 35ml vegan gel sachets per carton (1 serving/sachet per day). Just 9 calories per serving. 

Flavour: Blueberry Pie.

Collagen format: Vegan collagen gel (ready-to-drink).

35g vegan collagen gel per serving contains 2.5g VeCollal with added Iron & Vitamin C.


FREE FROM: gluten, nuts, fish, shellfish, milk/dairy, eggs, other animal derivatives. This product was manufactured in a facility that also handles these ingredients.

Suitable for pregnancy. Store in a cool, dry place.

Drink straight from the sachet or add to blended drinks / yoghurts.

One serving per day advised, morning or evening, before or after food.


Side Effects: extremely rare but may include nausea, bloating or stomach discomfort.

Consuming with food is advised if side-effects experienced. Avoid if underlying digestive issues are present.

Water, Chicory root fibre, VeCollal, Sweetener (Erythritol), Blueberry Juice Concentrate, Citric Acid, Gelling agents (Cellulose Gum, Xanthan Gum), Natural Flavouring, Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate), Ferrous Citrate, Preservative (Potassium Sorbate), Sweetener (Stevia)


+ Iron 2.8mg (20% RI)

+ Vitamin C 80mg


Gluten, nuts, fish, milk/dairy, eggs, animal derivatives. 

This product was manufactured in a facility that also handles these ingredients.

Full VeCollal Blend

L-Glycine, L-Proline, L-Alanine, Gotu cola extract (Centella asiatica),
L- Glutamic acid, L-Arginine base, D-aspartic acid, L- serine L-lysine HCL,
L-Leucine, L-Valine, L-Threonine, L-Glutamine, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), Anti
caking agent (Calcium silicate), L-Asparagine monohydrate, L-Isoleucine,
L-Phenylalanine, L-Cysteine, L-Tyrosine, L- Methionine, L-Histidine, Ginseng
root extract (panax ginseng), L-Tryptohan.

Vegan Collagen - An Introduction

VeCollal mimicks the human type 1 collagen profile with plant-based ingredients. Made with vegan-suitable amino acids, copying the full human amino acid profile.

VeCollal increases collagen production by 134.97%.

Safe on the liver and kidneys.

Collagen - The Basics

Collagen is the main building block protein that forms your bones, skin, hair, muscles, tendons, and ligaments

Collagen production reduces by 1% every year from 21 onwards. This leads to loss of skin elasticity, which causes wrinkles, dry, thinning and sagging skin.

Loss of collagen also contributes to hair loss, slow hair growth and brittle hair. It can lead to aching joints and slow recovery post injury.

The collagen in 'Dr V Collagen Boost' is broken down into peptides in the gut then absorbed into the blood stream. These peptides are recognised by fibroblasts as collagen fragments which ‘tricks’ fibroblasts to produce more collagen in response to the 'pretend' collagen breakdown.

More About Collagen

Collagen is the most abundant component of the extracellular matrix and is the key protein to give skin its structure. It is surrounded by water to support smooth, firm skin.

Collagen looks like a rope, it has 3 chains wrapped around each other forming a triple helix. This gives incredible tensile strength to the skin.  

Clinical studies show age related reduction in collagen synthesis can be reversed by oral administration of specific bioactive collagen peptides.

Collagen fibres are synthesized primarily by the fibroblasts in the deeper layers of the skin. This is why replacement must happen orally.

For men & women, all skin types (dry/oily/sensitive) & persons 21 years and over (when collagen starts to decrease).

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have a serious medical condition or are under medical supervision, please consult with your doctor before taking this product.

1. Can you take Collagen Boost if pregnant or have other medical conditions?

If you are pregnant or have a serious medical condition, please consult with your doctor before taking this product.

PREGNANCY: It is considered safe. The product does not contain shellfish and has added iron.

DIABETICS: The product has low sugar & carbohydrates, no fats or cholesterol.

OTHER CONDITIONS: The product has no impact on hormone levels.

2. What is the difference between topical application and oral consumption of collagen?

Orally consumed collagen improves collagen uptake in the dermis. Collagen topically applied doesn’t penetrate the epidermis as the molecule is too large. It just acts as a moisturiser in this setting.

3a. Can I take other multi-vitamins & protein supplements?

Yes you can still take your normal vitamin and/or protein supplements with this product, unless you have been advised not to overconsume certain vitamins due to underlying health conditions (very rare).

3b. Can I take this product AM or PM?

Yes it can be consumed at any time.

4. What does this drink taste like?

It primarily tastes of a sweet blueberry flavour.

5a. How long will it take to see results?

Results will vary by person. They may start to be seen from 2 weeks onwards, or 1-3 months on average.

5b. Do you stop taking collagen after 3 months and what happens to the benefits?

The product is meant to be taken indefinitely (give or take periodic breaks), so there may be some reversal in benefits if stopped completely.

The 3 month program is intended to be the minimum initial duration to allow for benefits to be seen.

6. Is this product Halal?

Yes the product is halal as the collagen is derived from vegan sources and contains no animal products.

7. Is this product Keto-friendly / Fasting-friendly?

This product will not kick you out of ketosis as there is only 2.4g of total carbohydrates per serving, however it will break a fast (due to the 9 calories).

8. Is this product tested for heavy metals?

Yes the product is tested that heavy metal concentrations are below acceptable regulatory thresholds (lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury).

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