LipX Product Directions

lipx 3 step system
Step 1: DR V Lip Scrub™
Gently removes dead, impenetrable keratinocytes (skin cells) for better absorption of active ingredients.
DIRECTIONS: Massage gently for up to1 minute on wet lips, 2-3 times a week in the evening then wash off. Do not use on broken skin. Apply Dr V lipX mask next. 
Step 2: Dr V LipX Mask™
35% active ingredients to slow down the rate of melanin production in the melanocytes (pigment producing cells). 
DIRECTIONS: Apply 2-3 Nights a week after your Dr V Lip Scrub. Leave on for 15-20 minutes then wash off. This contains the highest percentage actives from the 3 products so you need ingredients to penetrate. It is advisable to patch test on small section of lip before applying to the remainder.
Step 3: Dr V LipX Balm™
25% active ingredients in a soothing balm to continue to reduce melanocyte hyperactivity all night.
DIRECTIONS: Apply every night 2 hours before sleeping whether you have applied the Dr V scrub/mask or not.
A small percentage of clients may find this product drying on the lips, due to the high strength active ingredients used. It would be advisable to apply Vaseline during the day if this applies to you.
WARNING: Not to be used during pregnancy. Not to be used on angular colitis (past or present) or broken or unusually sensitive skin. Not to be used within 1 month of completing other treatment products or 3 months of any professional treatment on the same area. Discontinue in the rare event of a skin reaction and seek medical guidance. Read full side-effects information.